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Almeria canvassing, booking
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Developed for many years, Da Bang has already become the complex logistics service company with her own features, active and energetic. To meet customer’s different requirements, we are looking at providing tailor-made logistics service for our clients, based on our strength, resources, experiences and professional team. Our diversified services consists of international sea and air freight forwarding business for import and export cargo transportation, which is included cargo canvassing, booking, storage, transit, LCL cargo consolidation and unstuffing, ocean freight and other charges settlement and etc., international air courier transportation(excluded private correspondence), customs declaration, commodity inspection, relevant short-distance transport, consultation business on international as well as domestic transport insurance, multi-modal transport and bulk vessel leasing. In view of our employees’ energy and experiences in the forwarding market, we definitely have the confidence to believe that we can face up with all kinds of needs and challenges from the market.
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