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是经工商行政管理局注册成立的合法快递公司,主要承揽国际航空空运、快递业务。快递代理香港 DHL快递、香港TNT快递、香港UPS、FEDEX、EMS等国际品牌快递公司,全球50,000多个投递地点。能在24小时内为您提供国际快递服务。提高综合服务质量,通过薄利多销和诚信经营,降低企业的物流成本,以诚信获取客户的信任。为各客户提供安全、及时的门到门环球速递。准确、快捷的报关系统,使您的货物在世界各地畅通无阻。欢迎来咨询合作!希望您能给予我们为您服务的机会,也希望您给我们提供宝贵的意见! Service company which is registered with the national industrial and commercial authority. The company’s main businesses include express transportation from mainland China to Hong Kong, international express and international air transportation worldwide, customs clearance between Hong Kong and mainland China and getting the lowest possible import tax for our customers. We can help import and export mobile phones, wines, household products, cosmetics and also personal items with the hassle and stress removed for you. We also can manage transferring products to and from the warehouses. Our business is situated in Shenzhen, mainland China, and we have contacts in Hong Kong and other major cities worldwide. In addition we have a high-quality team of experts who have many years of experience in international air transportation and customs clearance, we are able to provide a fantastic service and value for money by integrating the various strengths of well known couriers (UPS, DHL, FEDEX as well as using cheaper local transportation services) and airline corporations, so that you receive good value, reliable, fast and an excellent service. 
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