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As a "Class A" shipping agent approved by the Ministry of Communications of PRC, we are specially engaged in ocean shipping with branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou. we provide the high quality service to everywhere merchants as this, business scope:

APL LINE - Southeast Asia, Red Sea ZIM - Southeast Asia, Mid-east, North America
MISC - Africa, Europe HYUNDAI - Mid-east
OOCL - Southeast Asia ,Europe IRISAL - Mid-east
FESCO - Russia, Australia MAERSK-East Africa
YANGMING - Southeast Asia, Mid-east,Ind-Pak WANHAI- Southeast Asia, Mid-east, North America
CHINASHIPPING - Southeast Asia, North America
Ocean Freight in Shenzhen(Yantain or Shekou Ports):

Africa Asia Other Ports
Australia Caribben
East Coast Of America East Meditterranean
European Basic Ports India,Pakistan,Bay of Bengal
Japan Inland Mid East
Red Sea South Asia
Southeast Asia,Japan,Korea West Coast Of America
West Meditterranean North Mediterranean(Egypt)
Provides booking, hire, the declaration, yards loading, loading in factory, the commodity inspection, the zoology and botany inspection, the dangerous material reported, stores in a storehouse and the ground transportation service and consultation.

Provides container, consolidation goods, chandlery, ultra limits goods, fresh, the refrigeration, the dangerous material and the ordinary chemical industry transportation service.

Provides the relative cargo broker, takes delivery of goods, delivers goods, door to door service and so on.

Insurance agency for shipment.International air transport is our core strengths services.
We have a close working relationship with the world's major airlines (AA AC AF CA LH CZ NH EK ET EY GA SA SK SQ LO QR TK TG DL UL and other airlines).
Destination throughout the world, can provide any corner of the world air solution for you. Long-term contracts with major international airlines enables us to provide customers with personalized service and competitive prices.
We will extend our services to more than one hundred countries and regions in the world through a global network of foreign agents.
I Division in the two-way international air transportation and transshipment operations mature, can provide real-time flight dynamics,
Best of all my colleagues in tariffs and a strong sense of responsibility, spirit of sincere dedication, to meet the different needs of different customers to provide the most effective protection.
Our team is professional and efficient transport security to meet customer demand, according to the different needs of customers, to provide targeted services and differences.
Fully meet the needs and requirements of your transportation of goods trade, to provide you with personalized service.

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