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 International Logistice Co.,Ltd aim to be an breakbulk, heavy lift and integrated projects specialists, and we have acquired vast experience and knowledge over the past years from handling different types of industrial project cargoes, including heavy/outsized and sensitive cargoes. As reliable partners to our clients we offer tailor-made, innovative and efficient transportation solutions from the factory up to the construction site. We understand that to excel in shipping/logistics operations, absolute care dedication to service&high standards of professionalism are needed.

Types of breakbulk and project cargoes handled:

Industrial Outsized and Heavylift cargoes - such as Crane Booms,Modular Housing Unit, Switchroom,Long-length Steel Pipes, Castings,Plates, Bars and Generator sets.
Infrastructural Civil Engineering and Construction related Material, Equipment and Tools.
Oil&Gas explorations related Tools, Cable Reels, Machinery and Equipment.
Over-side and direct discharge of general/oversized cargoes from Mother Vessels/Ships into Tug&Barge for transshipment to final destination.Because the customer has a need,
We have a job to do;

Because the customer has a choice,
We must be the better choice;

Because the customer has sensibilities,
We must be considerate;

Because the customer has an urgency,
We must be quick;

Because the customer is unique,
We must be flexible;

Because the customer has influence,
We have the hope of more customers;

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