Vasteras, Sweden进出口代理海运           ★★★ 【字体:
Vasteras, Sweden进出口代理海运
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 close co-operation, and with dozens of international airlines (CX, BR, CV, CI, TG, GF, BI, KQ, EK, MH, JL, AA, UPS ...) and somelong-term domestic airlines (charter / package board), has plenty of space and competitive tariffs.In addition, the Hong Kong airport, the airlines flying agents around the world route, to provide safe and fast world of international air cargo services.And proficiency in the operation of the airport procedures, global air routes and market trends so that our air service the most effective protection.

Our company has a strong and strict operating system .It has high-quality management personnel, experienced and professional operation team, advanced computer processing system.From the quotation, booking, pick up, customs clearance, documentation, providing two-way information, cargo tracking, issue of air and ocean bills of lading, and import customs clearance, delivery, road transport by hand for special posts, and warehouses, customs, localbranch office, the link between the foreign agent interface to communicate all rely on computer networks.Company managers pay close attention to the overall operation, constantly check whether all sectors of operation rules, whether you need to transport goods to where, rapid, reliable always our pursuit, you can enjoy "iPS international" quality service.

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