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Noumea, New Caledonia LCL
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The company has a strong agent network, focusing on international shipping, import and export of air transport operations, and provide ocean, sea and air, sea and railway and other multimodal transport services. In order to achieve the goal of one-stop service, Dedicated to the different needs, we pay more attention on comprehensive logistics solutions for our customers both at home and abroad. Since the company's establishment, we have close cooperation and advantages of shipping contracts with a number of well-known shipping and airline enterprises, further more, we also maintained good cooperation relationship. With other related cooperation unit, such as the customs, port, container yard etc.

The company has experienced, trained, skilled professional services team to provide you the most appropriate solution, the most professional advice and the most reliable service. With the advanced operation and management system, making us guarantee the efficient operation of network services better and thereby enhancing the company's integrated services capabilities. We firmly believe that only full of passion, will have the power of innovation, only innovation will have a sustainable future.
Through continuous expansion for many years,Ever-do have  bult up a worldwide service network connecting every port in China with Africa, South America,Middle East and Asia line.

We can offer more competitive price and serice by maintaining long-term relationship with many shipping lines and RO-RO,break bulk owners.

From  the beginnig, we have been focusing on worldwide project logistics and heavy-lift / oversized cargo transportation, with our experienced team of highly skilled transportation professionals. We can make every effort to provide the most effective,cost-saving and safe carrier service globally.

Based on the service idea of "customer first" and "win-win" strategy, we make every endeavour provide high quality and satisfying service to our clients.

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