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Asuncion FCL and LCL etc
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  At present, ATS has the advanced professional transport and logistics system, a professional team consisting of the dedicated personnel specialized in logistic project to customize for our customers the services of Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution. Such services can give customized operation procedures and competitive quotations. Everyone at ATS understands the importance of our customers. The well trained staff aided by the real time logistics program, provides personalized, good quality & added value service to every client.forwarder approved by Ministry of Communications.Our company has years of experience in Ocean, land & Air Freight.Branch companies located in HK, Shenzhen, etc. We have services specialized in shipping logistics such as sea transportation,air transportation,land-carriage,customs clearance, export inspection, FCL and LCL etc.We have well experience in operation and marketing. Our mission: “Your Business is our business”. We continue to win new customers and peers forwarding the praise, trust and support.Welcome the friends from all over the world at any time to consult the discussion. We will provide the most professional, sincere, and quality service.

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